Tulip Mate (Licking Toy)


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This licking tongue vibrator works both as a tongue and a vibrating device, stimulating the clitoris, vagina, anal, breasts, and other sensitive areas! This licking tongue sex vibrator works not only as a traditional vibrator, but also offers you an outstanding experience of clitoris licking like never before. Made from a high-grade silicone substance that is both strong and safe. Portable and comfortable to use. Enjoy the moment even more as long as you want with a long-lasting battery!


This new licking tongue vibrator looks like a simulated human mouth, which is different from the ordinary vibrators in the past. With its mouth and tongue, the clitoral vibration stimulator can hold your labia comfortably. The tongue is soft and powerful enough to touch your clitoris and g-spot. This stimulates the inner thighs and lets you feel the pleasure of a limp and numb, that makes you feel like his face is touching you, and gives the most realistic sex orgasm experience.


Using sonic wave technology and nipple correction, this unique vibrator simulates a sucking sensation, encircling your clit while providing intense stimulation without making a sound. You cannot be heard at close range by anyone when using this tongue vibrator. Featuring powerful vibration modes that can be adjusted from mild to wild, this device teases your nipples and clit, creating the most intense stimulation.


  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Color:┬áRose Red, Pink
  • Control Type:┬áelectric
  • Size:┬á165cm
  • Packing list:┬áAlternative Toys x 1

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